Asheville Beer week wrap up!


Last week was my birthday and I really didn’t want to do anything for it. Ok, maybe thats not true, but the one thing I did want was to just be with my girlfriend hang out and have some really awesome beer. I didn’t even suggest anything because she’s been having a rough time of late and all I really wanted was to spend the day with her. She actuality suggested going to Asheville. She knows how much I really enjoy a good brew and interacting and talking about beers with others. So she decided to do something really amazing and drove us to Asheville. Asheville is Beer City, USA. I’m not lying, look it up! It just so happened that the day of my birthday was the start of Beer City’s Beer Week! How fortunate, eh?

This was the third annual beer week in Asheville. The week started on May 23rd and went on until May 31st. Thats a full seven days of beer events all around the city with brew-pubs, taverns, restaurants and breweries doing something different and unique to celebrate the week. Beer and cheese pairings, brew-it-yourself amateur lessons from brewers, special release beers, rotating taps, special beer dinners etc… the list can keep going on and on. Every where you went there was something going on. It was literally beer paradise!

There was no possible way to do everything that was going on in the day. I would check the beer events hourly on my phone to see what would be the most appealing or seemed to be the most fun. No easy feat, let me tell you. Events were going on from from the morning on up until 2am daily. I went and got to do a good amount of them and pretty much did all the events that I wanted to do. I was like a kid in a candy store. I will say that doing an event like this, I would Recommend pacing yourself, especially since you’re going to be doing this for a few days or and always have some water either with you or in between brews!

For now I’ll leave you with some pictures of the wonderful beer city in the mountains. I’ll have another post talking about more events in a bit more details and some of the locations that held said events.

P.s I’ll also have a give a way on the blog soon. Stay tuned to see how you can win a Asheville 2014 pint glass!





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