AVL Beer week pint glass giveaway!


I wanted to do a give away for my readers. I was given a free pint glass after a beer and cheese tasting and had already bought one right before. I have a 2014 Asheville beer week pint glass ready to ship anywhere in the United States (sorry rest of the world, shipping is expensive). I will be running the contest for a week until July 9th and will post the winner on twitter and on the blog in a short post.

The rules are very simple. I want to try and kick-start more participation in the comments with my posts, so I just need you guys to comment below. One comment per person. Just Post what your favorite beer and or brewery is and why. Two or three sentences is fine, more is welcome if you have wonderful things to say and make me want to drink your favorite beers.

I will be reading all the comments left by everyone who leaves a comment up until the deadline. Winner will be selected at random. Thank you for reading and good luck!



  1. La Fin du Monde is probably my favorite, smooth and spicy, will trick you into drinking forever. High alcohol level and a good kick are the perfect complement.

  2. Hoppy, Citrusy, Golden. Did I mention hoppy yet? As an IPA lover, these are three of the characteristics I always am very pleased to welcome. There are many great IPAs nowadays, but the crown goes to Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA. This Imperial IPA, best enjoyed in Spiegalau’s IPA glass, gets better and better as it warms up and the hoppy, citrusy flavors really start to shine. I always recommend it to those who want to take their IPA experience to the next level!

  3. My default beer whenever I’m reviewing my options is Unibroue’s Le Fin du Munde. It’s one of the beer I recommend to many looking to try something different, with a rich taste. I’ve tried various different brews by the brewery and have yet to be disappointed.

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